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October 16, 2013  (12-2pm EST)

7. Stormwater Trading – Markets or Mayhem?:

2swtrading“When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down?”
–Doug Coupland

Learn about the various dimensions of pollutant trading programs, different perspectives on nutrient trading, and opportunities for public/private cooperation to invest in restoration and stormwater management. Based on the information that you learn in this webcast, we hope you will weigh in on whether pollutant trading programs constitute “markets or mayhem.”

Speakers for this webcast are:

  • David Foster, Riverkeeper and Environmental Economist for the Chester River Association; Chair of the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Trading and Offsets Work Group Office (Chestertown, MD)
  • Daniel T. Nees, Senior Research, University of Maryland, (College Park, MD)
  • Alisa Valderrama, Senior Project Finance Attorney, Center for Market Innovation Program, Natural Resources Defense Council (New York, NY)


Facts and Myths about Maryland's "Rain Tax" 
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The Value of Stormwater Fees in Maryland.



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