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cwp_pplogoWhat is the Patron Program?

The Patron Program is the highest level of membership, designed for the Center for Watershed Protection’s top partners. These organizations have committed to strong, continued support of the Center for Watershed Protection’s mission and vision. In return, Patrons receive multiple benefits designed to meet their needs including complimentary memberships, webcasts, conference benefits, and an umbrella of recognition opportunities. Patrons are also engaged in providing guidance on documents, presentations on their area(s) of expertise, and otherwise engaging in Center related programs.

How Do I Join the Patron Program and How Much Does it Cost?

The Patron Program is limited to 25 members in the first year and an open process for participation will begin on January 1. The starting annual contribution of patrons is $20,000 per year.

Download this form to give us more information about your organization.

Why Limit Participation?

A Patron program requires an understanding of each and every organization in the program with a special relationship and conversations with participants. To ensure that the Center for Watershed Protection can commit to the high quality of the partnership required for each participant, the number of participants is limited at this time.

What Benefits Will Patrons Receive?

The following is a partial list of benefits for Patrons.

  • Acknowledgement on website, Runoff Rundown, National conference, webcasts, and the Center for Watershed Protection website.
  • Acknowledgement on products produced as a result of Patron Program funding including research documents, white papers, and other communications produced by the Center.
  • Complimentary table at one or more conference location for displays.
  • Enhanced membership benefits such as free admission to all Center hosted webcasts and free admission to the national stormwater and watershed conference.
  • Yearly or more interviews to determine topics where their organizations may provide content and presentations at conferences or webcasts.
  • Opportunity to be asked for conference or webcast participation if the subject is relevant to program plans.
  • Opportunity to present at lunch and learns which are free webcasts to members and CWP board and staff.
  • Opportunities to submit staff qualifications to participate in review panels for the peer-reviewed journal, future research publications, projects, and research programs.
  • Interest in reviewing research agenda and voting for contributions to be directed toward these initiatives.
  • Ability to contribute content for research topics, initiatives.
  • Maximum tax-deductibility of contributions.
  • Opportunities to learn about tax credits and other lessons learned among peers.
  • A vote in establishing future research topics, webcasts, etc.
  • A vote in future benefits for patrons.
  • An ability to contribute toward research topics with an end.

The program will require at least yearly interviews with Patrons to determine which of the benefits they care about most and to determine what topics they might have for presentation and cross referencing these with what we plan for conferences and webcasts.

How Will the Funds Be Used?

The funds would be used to staff time for Patrons and the program and fulfilling the mission and vision of the Center for Watershed Protection as outlined in our strategic plan. This includes funding the Center’s five year research plan and other education efforts, including the annual National Watershed and Stormwater Conference and the Center’s efforts on National Clean Water Certification and Green Jobs.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

Hye Yeong Kwon, Executive Director
410-461-8323 ext 212

Katrina Harrison, Membership Coordinator
410-461-8323 ext 206