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Watershed Science Bulletin – Past Issues


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Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 2010): Total Maximum Daily Loads: Innovations and Implementation

Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring 2011): Integrating Climate Change Science into Watershed and Stormwater Management

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Fall 2011): Watershed Land Cover/Water Resource Connections

Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring 2012): The Application of Monitoring and Modeling in Watershed Management

Volume 3, Issue 2 (Fall 2012): Watershed Planning

Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2013): Green Infrastructure


Free to download for all!

June 2013: Accounting for Future NPDES-Permitted Pollutant Loads in Waste Load Allocations for Municipal Stormwater, by Michael D. Trojan and Anna M. Kerr

August 2013: A Private Incentive-Based Stormwater Mitigation Program To Enhance Stormwater Management Control beyond Current Minimum Standards in Residential Subdivisions, by Matthew C. Huber, David B. Willis, Charles V. Privette III, and John C. Hayes

October 2013: Ask the Experts: Stormwater Utility Development and Public Support

December 2013: Using Nutrient Credits and Offsets to Achieve Stormwater Compliance with the Chesapeake Bay TMDL: A Discussion Paper, by Karen Cappiella, David Hirschman, and Bill Stack

June 2014: Building the Next Generation of Smart BMPs: Media Enhancements for Phosphorus Removal, by Law, N. L, R. D. Christianson, L. Fraley-McNeal and G. Hoffmann

October 2014: Potential Application of Stormwater Banking in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Using Two Case Studies, by Cappiella, Karen, Bill Stack, Joe Battiata, Dan Nees, and Lisa Fraley-McNeal

January 2015: A New Perspective on Opportunities for Stormwater Mitigation through Soil Management in Ordinary Urban Landscapes, by Susan D. Day and David K. Mitchell

July 2015: Introduction to the Clean Water Optimization Tool: Calculate Pollutant Removal Capabilities & Costs of Stormwater Best Management Practices, by Hye Yeong Kwon, Reid Christianson, P.E., PhD, and Karen Cappiella

February 2016: Influence of Stormwater Infiltration Practices on Surrounding Structures – Reid Christianson and Lisa Fraley-McNeal

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May 2016:  Evaluating the environmental effectiveness of grassroots environmental stewardship organizations in Maryland, USA. Sarah L. Closea*, Dana R. Fisherb, William Yagatichb, Anya Gallib

December 2016:  An Analysis of Stormwater Utility Incentive Programs in the Chesapeake Bay.  Gabrielle Gonzaleza, Allison Mosleyb and Kurt Stephensonc*1