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Archived Webcasts

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Education Programs to Enhance Pollutant Removal

Incentivizing BMP Installation in Communities with Stormwater Utilities

Green Infrastructure & Green Jobs: The Latest Trends

Non-traditional MS4s

Retrofitting Revisited: Forward Into the Past

Surviving a MS4 Compliance Audit


Checking in on Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Green Infrastructure & Green Jobs

Multi-Sector & Industrial Stormwater Permits

The Runoff Reduction Method & Its Applications

Using Illicit Discharge Programs to Monitor Bacteria – free webcast

What to Do About Trashy Watersheds


Stormwater Offset and Banking to Encourage Smart Growth – free webcast

Local TMDLs & Regional/River Basin TMDLs: A Happy Engagement or a Shotgun Wedding?

Life of a Stormwater Practice: Design and Construct of BMPs

Life of a Stormwater Practice: Maintenance of BMPs

Reimagining the Parking Lot & Roadway as a Stormwater Practice

Life of a Stormwater Practice: The Role of Local Codes

Retrofitting Existing Stormwater Ponds & Basins

How To Pick The Right Vegetation for Bioretention & Its Cousins

Stream Restoration as a Pollutant Reduction Strategy


Please Come Audit My MS4

Mastering the Language of Talking to Elected Officials

Combining Green & Grey in Combined Sewer Watersheds

Smart Stormwater Retrofitting in the Urban Environment

Watershed Arithmetic — Crediting & Counting Your Watershed Practices Towards TMDL Goals

Lose 10 Pounds of Pollution Without (Structural) BMPs — the Joys of Good Housekeeping

Stormwater Trading – Markets or Mayhem?

Stormwater Utilities: Reckoning the Cost Side of the Equation


Get the Dirt on Stormwater

Customizing Your Stormwater BMP Design for Specific Pollutants