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Clean Water Certificate Training Program

Launched in 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, the Clean Water Certificate (CWC) Training Program helps participants gain green infrastructure installation, maintenance and inspection skills and knowledge. The CWC Training Program also connects the stormwater industry with workforce development programs to fill a growing and sustaining demand for jobs to construct and maintain stormwater management practices, like green infrastructure. The Center for Watershed Protection developed a stormwater green infrastructure curriculum to include classroom learning, hands-on activities, and field-based assessments, allowing program participants to acquire core skills and knowledge in the construction, maintenance and inspection of green infrastructure. The training is incorporated into existing workforce development programs to fully prepare under- and unemployed adults for a living wage job in the stormwater industry, or a related industry. The results of the program will:

  • Provide the stormwater industry access to an “on the job ready” workforce
  • Expand the skilled stormwater industry workforce to help meet the demand for stormwater installation
  • Increased opportunity for individuals in low-income communities, under or unemployed individuals to secure a living wage job leading to financial stability

Learn more about the inaugural program with Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers.

Contact Neely Law ( to learn more about how this program can work in your community.

Funding for the program was provided by The Campbell Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation and Prince Charitable Trusts. The Center for Watershed Protection plans to expand the program to communities across the U.S. in the coming years.

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