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CWPA Membership Benefits

Receive a full range of benefits as a CWPA member!

Fantastic Deals

  • $60 off every CWPA webcast you purchase. Purchase an individual membership PLUS webcast packages for even more discounts!
  • 50% discount on all CWPA publications
  • 40% discount on all job postings
  • Free and complete access to job boards
  • Discounts on a variety of industry software packages

Exclusive Subscriptions

  • Watershed Science Bulletin, CWPA’s digital peer-reviewed journal featuring practical, science-based solutions to watershed and stormwater management issues
  • Runoff Rundown, CWPA’s e-newsletter, featuring the latest news and updates on our projects and work

Educational and Networking Opportunities

  • Exclusive access to Lunch and Learn, CWPA’s free mini-webcast series featuring informal conversations with researchers, nonprofits, emerging technology companies, and more
  • Free and complete access to the Online Watershed Library (OWL), the CWPA’s comprehensive collection of publications and other resources for watershed and stormwater management
  • Free access to all archived CWPA webcasts
  • Networking opportunities through our webcasts, training sessions, and events. Plus, you can network with industry professionals in CWPA’s LinkedIn group.
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