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Watershed & Stormwater Services

The Center works directly with state and local governments, watershed organizations, environmental consultants, and other clients to assist them with their watershed and stormwater management needs. Services provided include:


  • Stormwater design manual development
  • Code and ordinance review
  • Watershed assessment and plan development
  • Stormwater program and regulation development
  • Regulatory compliance with TMDLs and NPDES
  • Modeling
  • GIS
  • Green infrastructure design and implementation
  • Illicit discharge surveys and program support
  • Stormwater retrofit surveys
  • Local program audits
  • Community forestry projects
  • Stakeholder meetings and public outreach


Through these projects, our staff gain practical experience applying and refining the tools and techniques originally advanced in our watershed planning and stormwater management guidance manuals. We have worked with numerous communities across the country in a variety of watershed settings.

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Example Watershed & Stormwater Services Projects

Urban Watershed Forestry Manuals

Urban Watershed Forestry Manuals Cover

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